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Discounted Teleconferencing Services for Impacted Businesses

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At InterLinked, our daily operations have not been impacted by COVID-19 - however, we recognize that this is simply not true for the vast majority of people, businesses, and organizations.

Through our partnership with the Mountain Pacific Telephone Company, heavily discounted enterprise teleconferencing services are available to local businesses and non-profit organizations impacted by the current situation. For $5 a month, Mountain Pacific Telephone can provide a bridge with a dedicated dial-in number, unlimited attendees, no restrictions on conference length, and free recording and logging. PIN protection is optional and free. There are no extra fees, no hidden fees, and no hassles.

Due to the current economical situation, no payment is due for 30 days, and organizations impacted by COVID-19 can take advantage of flexible payment options. Mountain Pacific will also work with you to resolve your organization's unique teleconferencing needs.

If your organization or business would benefit from high-quality teleconferencing during this time, please contact Mountain Pacific Telephone Company at (407) 564-4141 x0. Mountain Pacific is ready to do its part to help customers through this uncertain time. Staying in touch is more important now than ever - and teleconferencing can boost productivity and maintain coherency in communication better than email, messaging, and individual phone calls. If you are part of or know a business that might benefit from this service, please let them know.

Individuals are also able to request this service at the same discount - but Mountain Pacific's main goal is to help afflicted local businesses and organizations that may be working from home and struggling. Please contact Mountain Pacific directly with all questions at (407) 564-4141.

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