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A Legacy of Leadership

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Although we don't cater at all specially to high school students (or youth in general), we wanted to take the time to review a few key opportunites of which you can take advantage during your high school years in order to maximize your present and future success.

First is Academic Decathlon. A rigorous, intellectual, but fun series of competitions, Academic Decathlon is "the premier academic competition in America". With essentially limitless room for improvement, the competitive nature of the activity can really bring out the best in students, forcing them to tap into potential they may not even have known they had. Though the competition is largely objective, all competitors will also need to present a prepared speech — as well as an impromptu speech — and participate in a mock interview. An essay is also written in advance of each higher level of competition. With students with both high and low GPAs needed, AcaDec can be the perfect outlet for smart individuals who otherwise don't exert a lot of effort in school (which is subsequently reflected on your report card). AcaDec is an inclusive and engaging activity that runs from May until April, essentially with a year-round season. With Nationals in 2020 being held in Anchorage, Alaska, don't miss out on the exotic chance to see a polar bear in action! Visit the official USAD website to learn more about how you can get involved in one of the most memorable high school activities there is!

Second is Future Business Leaders of America, the largest career student organization in the world, and for good reason. While FBLA also has a competitive component, it also focuses on the pillars of leadership and service. School chapters typically plan projects and meetings throughout the year. Each level of competition is called a "leadership conference", all of them with engaging workshops and speakers, in addition to competition taking place that day. Though you may spend time preparing for your competitive events outside of school as competition nears, the time commitment is largely the three conferences throughout the year — the Regional, State, and National Leadership conferences. While the Regional Leadership Conference is only a day, the State Leadership Conference is spread out over two days and the National Leadership Conference occupies the better part of a week. There are numerous opportunities to network and connect with other business-aspiring individuals in this incredibly fun extracurricular, as the focus isn't all just on competition. FBLA is largely a member-run organization, which means you'll also hear candidates give campaign speeches and possibly elect those whom you feel are most qualified to serve your region or state! Undoubtedly, FBLA is the most concentrated fun you can possibly have in high school. And if you just can't get enough of it, Phi Beta Lambda is the college-level of FBLA. And let's not forget that FBLA also has a Middle Level that allows middle school students to participate, so you could have a decade of FBLA fun in this incredible organization! Visit the FBLA-PBL website to learn more about this incredible organization and how it can help serve you and your aspirations.

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