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New DID Block on the PSTN

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that calls to our new D.I.D. (direct inward dial) exchanges are now working. Just hours after a trunk test number in the 631 area code began delivering calls to NPSTN intercept, calls to all ~975 of our phone numbers began completing.

This brings us to the exciting part — InterLinked has new business phone numbers to better serve you! If you've visited the Contact page recently, you may have noticed we've added some new information. You can now reach us directly at our main business number, 564-4040, located in the 407 area code. In the future, we may also acquire a 406 number.

If our lines are busy, please be patient and make sure you are calling during regular business hours. Although we have several D.I.D. numbers that terminate into the InterLinked PBX, we have still to acquire the human labor to process those calls! If all of our operators are busy, you may select option 9 from our IVR at 564-4040, or leave us a message on our office answering machine at 564-4047. In the future, we hope to have a fax machine and a modem bank available to callers as well.

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